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The The Perseid meteor shower is not finished! While last night/this morning, the shower's traditional peak, was a cloud-out bust around Northeast Ohio, ... a meteor shower that's been tracked by astronomers for centuries. And if tonight's anything like last night, much of the action won't be up in the night The last time there was a clear night on Aug. 12 was 1965. Wednesday and tonight are the best nights to view the meteor shower, but there will still be By jseattle The annual Perseid meteor shower is peaking this very minute but you couldn't see anything on Capitol Hill last night and you won't be able to When the sky is clear on Wednesday night, Britton will be in the observatory from nightfall until the last guests leave at 11 pm or midnight. Torrey Pines - A man watching a meteor shower slips and falls on the cliffs at Torrey Pines. It happened last night around 11 pm at the gliderport on Torrey He said telescopes will be set up just before sunset and the shower will last all night long. The peak will be about an hour before sunrise Wednesday. Also, Google changed its logo in honour of the 'Perseid Meteor Shower' that took place last night. Even if you're not a space aficionado like me, If you did not get a chance to see the Perseid meteor shower last night because of the clouds, you should still be able to see some tonight. The annual Perseids meteor shower reaches its peak today and tonight, and the best time for viewing meteors in the Charlotte area would be early Thursday
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